Do walkie talkies work on cruise ships?

Do Walkie Talkies Work On Cruise Ships? – Best Answered 2024

Walkie talkies are a helpful communication tool for cruises, as they allow for easy contact between large groups and individuals as they explore the ship.

Think about if walkie talkies will work on a cruise ship before using them to communicate. It’s essential to have backup communication plans if walkie talkies don’t work.

As I mentioned above, do walkie talkies work on cruise ships? You need to know that walkie talkies can work on cruise ships. Check the cruise ship’s rules before bringing walkie talkies on board.

So, I’ve written a full explanation with all of your goals in mind.

Are walkie talkies allowed on cruise ships?

Bringing walkie talkies on a cruise ship is generally allowed, but some restrictions or requirements may be in place.

It is essential to check the cruise line’s specific policies and applicable regulations before bringing walkie talkies on board.

Some cruise lines may require that walkie talkies be registered with security or have specific frequency ranges.

Are walkie talkies allowed on cruise ships?
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Be aware of other electronic devices on the ship and carefully use walkie talkies to avoid bothering other passengers. Some steps should be made to protect their safety use is not disruptive or dangerous.

  1. It is essential to obey the cruise line’s rules about using electronic devices, including walkie talkies. Reading the regulations regarding walkie talkies before using them on a cruise ship is essential.
  2.  It’s essential to use walkie talkies respectfully and with care for other people’s hearing. Because of the metal construction and electronic interference on a cruise ship, walkie talkies may have a lower range.
  3.  Walkie talkies may be less effective on a cruise ship due to the metal construction and limited signal range. Planning and having backup communication methods is essential in case the walkie talkies do not work as intended.

Do Walkie Talkies Work On Cruise Ships? Detailed Guide

The metal ship and other electronics can weaken the performance of walkie talkies, reducing their range, frequency, and signal strength.

The system’s performance may depend on the ship’s design, the user’s proximity, and other electronic devices interfering.

Walkie talkies on cruise ships may be restricted due to security and safety considerations. 

The effectiveness of walkie talkies on cruise ships can vary depending on several factors.

These are some crucial factors to take into consideration:


Walkie talkies typically have a short range, but on a cruise ship, this can be decreased further due to metal construction and interference from other electronics. Think about the content of walkie talkies and if they can reach the needed location on the ship.


Walkie talkies work on specific frequencies, which can be disrupted by other electronics or a ship’s metal. It is vital to ensure that the walkie talkies operate on a frequency that is not prone to interference.

Battery life:

It is crucial to ensure the walkie talkies have fully charged batteries before using them on the ship. Monitoring battery life and having spare batteries ready is critical because the ship’s vibrations drain the batteries quicker.

Signal strength:

A ship’s metal structure and electronic device interference can weaken walkie talkies signal strength. It is essential to test the walkie talkies on the boat in different locations to determine the best areas for communication.

Walkie talkies can be used on a cruise ship if the user obeys the cruise line’s rules and considers essential factors. It’s important to have additional communication methods in case walkie talkies don’t work correctly.

Is It Worth Bringing Walkie Talkies On A Cruise Ship? Pros and cons

There are pros and cons to bringing walkie talkies on a cruise ship.

Perhaps the key benefits are the following:


  1. Walkie talkies help stay connected with a large group or other people on a ship.
  2. Walkie talkies can be a helpful backup communication method in emergencies, or other communication forms are unavailable.
  3. Walkie talkies help keep in touch with people on the boat, especially kids.


  1. Walkie talkies may not work well on a cruise ship because of the metal walls and weak signal.
  2.  Walkie talkies can be challenging to take on a trip, especially if you will be near water or doing outdoor activities.
  3.  Walkie talkies can be expensive and may not be worth it if you are only planning to use them for a short time.

Whether or not it is worth bringing walkie talkies on a cruise ship depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider the risks and advantages before deciding whether to increase communication and ease of use are worth the possible drawbacks.

Frequently Ask Question

1. Will Walkie Talkies Work On A Cruise Ship? 

Yes, walkie talkies can be used on a cruise ship. The ship’s metal structure may impact the performance of the walkie talkies, interference from other electronics, range, frequency, and signal strength.

Select good walkie talkies, keep them charged, and bring extra batteries. Abide by the cruise line’s rules for using electronics.

2. Can You Use Walkie Talkies On Royal Caribbean Ships?

Using walkie talkies on Royal Caribbean ships is not advised because they could obstruct the ship’s communication systems.

In addition, personal communication devices, including walkie-talkies, are generally not allowed onboard for safety and security reasons.

The best way to communicate during your voyage is to use the ship’s stateroom telephone or intercom system.

3. Are Walkie Talkies Allowed Onboard?

Walkie talkies are not allowed onboard. Remembering that some kinds of communication can interfere with the aircraft’s navigation systems and other communications is critical.

Radio transmitting equipment, such as walkie-talkies and CB radios, is not permitted on aircraft for safety and legal reasons.

However, other forms of communication and entertainment are available on board the aircraft, such as wifi and in-flight entertainment.

4. Can I Use Apple Watch Walkie Talkie On A Cruise?

You cannot use the Apple Watch walkie talkie on a cruise because most ships lack the necessary cellular service connection.

The Apple Watch walkie talkie relies on a cellular connection to communicate, so this feature will not work on a cruise.

Cruise ships provide wifi so passengers can video call and text their families.

Final Thought : (Do Walkie Talkies Work On Cruise Ships)

Have you obtained full knowledge about do walkie talkies work on cruise ships? Therefore, using walkie-talkies on a cruise ship is not the best communication method due to the mentioned issues.

It may be beneficial to stay connected to family and friends while traveling, but expensive roaming plans can be avoided. In such cases, they may use in particular situations.

Remember that signal strength may be limited, and any data sent over them is not secure.

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