FTC Disclosure Compliance Rules

The Federal Trade Commission introduced disclosure compliance rules in 2015 to ensure transparency for readers or viewers of web media regarding any sponsorship, endorsement, or partnership between bloggers or publishers and other companies. Readers need to know if the content publisher earns money by sharing links or promoting products.

By the FTC guidelines, please assume the following regarding links and posts on radiofinds.com:

All the links on radiofinds.com may be affiliate links, which means we might be compensated in some way from sales of certain items.

What Are Affiliate Links?

When you click on an affiliate link on radiofinds.com to purchase an item, you are directed to the seller’s website (not radiofinds.com) to complete the transaction. Radiofinds may receive a small commission or compensation from companies like Amazon for referring customers to their websites.

Please note that readers’ prices remain the same whether they purchase items through affiliate links or non-affiliate links. Clicking on an affiliate or non-affiliate link does not affect the price or any other aspects of your visit.

Radiofinds utilizes two primary types of affiliate programs:

Amazon Affiliate Links:

Radiofinds.com participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate marketing initiative created to give website owners a way to make money by connecting to Amazon.com and associated websites and other websites associated with the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.

Product Affiliate Links:

If you click on any affiliate link and purchase, we may receive a percentage of the sale or another form of compensation.

Again, please be assured that prices do not differ when you use these affiliate links. By clicking on these links, you won’t be charged any extra. They are not “pay-per-click” links.

What About Sponsored Content?

We do not create sponsored posts. We aim to offer authentic and unbiased information. But if a business wants to post sponsored material on Radiofinds, we will clarify it at the post’s beginning. Ultimately, we only recommend products that we use or would recommend to our family and friends.

Your purchase contributes to supporting our research efforts. We sincerely appreciate your support. Thank you very much!