Uniden BC125AT Review

Uniden BC125AT Review – Bearcat Scanner [Updates 2024]

Looking for a reliable and versatile handheld scanner? Look no further because the Uniden BC125AT might just be what you need!

This scanner has features that make it a must-have for people who want to stay on top of their local news, weather, and emergency updates.

This Uniden BC125AT review will discuss This scanner’s essential features, pros and cons, and overall performance.

Whether you are a hobbyist, a scanner enthusiast, or a professional, this review will help you weigh the pros and cons of this scanner to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive into the Uniden BC125AT scanner world together.

What Do You Get In Box?

While the Uniden BC125AT has many features that make it an excellent police scanner, you might wonder what comes in the box.

The Uniden BC125AT comes with the following:

What Do You Get In Box?
  1. Belt clip
  2.  NiMH rechargeable battery
  3.  Wall adapter
  4.  USB cable
  5.  Flexible BNC Antena
  6.  User guide

All the necessary components for getting your scanner going and helpful guides and instructions for setting up and using your device are included.


Here are the specifications for the Uniden BC125AT scanner:

Frequency Range25-54 MHz, 108-174 MHz, 225-380 MHz, 400-512 MHz
Channels500 Tagged
Channel Storage Banks10
Weather AlertYes
Priority ChannelYes
Backlit DisplayYes
Power2 x AA batteries (not included)
Battery LifeUp to 14 hours
PC Programming/ControlYes
Close Call RF Capture TechnologyYes
Warranty1 year

How To Setup? (Uniden BC125AT Review)

A simple to set up and use handheld scanner is the Uniden BC125AT. Put the batteries in and switch on the device to get started.

You’ll be prompted by the scanner to choose your location and start looking for local channels.

Afterward, you can program your preferred channels or use the scanner’s built-in service search features. 

PC Programming:

Use a programming cable to connect a Uniden BC125AT scanner to a computer, along with BCTool or FreeScan, to program it.

Upload the programming to the scanner after entering the desired channels, settings, and frequencies into the software.

Channels (500 Alpha Tagged)

The Uniden BC125AT handheld scanner is a flexible tool for monitoring a wide range of frequencies because it can save up to 500 channels.

You must program the scanner with the frequency you want to listen to. Police and fire departments, NOAA weather transmissions, and other public safety services are among the frequencies that the BC125AT covers.

The scanner’s user-friendly interface and menu system make programming a pleasure. Frequencies can be manually entered into the scanner or automatically searched for and stored using the built-in search feature.

After programming, the device’s channel selector knob lets you rapidly access your saved frequencies.

Close Call RF Capture Technology

The Uniden BC125AT has a Near Contact RF Capture feature that automatically detects and tunes to nearby radio frequencies.

The scanner constantly scans the frequencies. However, when it detects a signal, it briefly pauses searching and tunes to the frequency, enabling the user to hear the broadcast. The scanner starts scanning when the transmission is finished.

This function is beneficial for capturing signals from local sources, such as public safety communications or emergency services, that may not available in the scanner’s pre-programmed channels.


The handheld scanner Uniden BC125AT can pick up many transmissions, including those from police and fire departments, NOAA weather broadcasts, and amateur radio operators.

Its frequency range, which covers most of the frequently utilized bands for these kinds of broadcasts, is 25–512 MHz.

The BC125AT is a popular option for amateur and professional scanners since it has a backlit LCD and can save up to 500 channels.


The VHF, UHF, and public safety bands are all covered by the Uniden BC125AT handheld scanner’s broad frequency range.

The frequency being scanned, the antenna being utilized, and the nearby environment impacts the range.

Source: shtfblog

With minor coverage gaps, the scanner can typically cover frequencies from 25 MHz to 512 MHz.

The scanner includes features like Close Call RF Capture technology and Alpha tagging and can store up to 500 channels.

Battery And Power

A handheld scanner named the Uniden BC125AT is Battery-powered or AC-powered. It uses two AA batteries, and the number of uses it receives will impact how long the batteries last.

The scanner’s low battery indicator alerts the user to change the batteries.

The scanner can be powered, and the batteries can be charged using the AC power adapter, which is available separately.

Uniden BC125AT is a handy and portable scanner that can be used with AC power or batteries for greater flexibility.


  1. 500 Alpha-Tagged Channels You can label each channel with a name for easy identification.
  2.  Close Call RF Capture Technology Automatically detects nearby transmissions and tunes to them, even if they are not programmed into a channel.
  3. 10 Channel Storage Banks Organize channels into groups for easy access and monitoring.
  4.  PC Programming Allows you to program and customize the scanner using a computer.
  5.  NOAA Weather Alert Automatically alerts you to severe weather conditions in your area.
  6.  Backlit Display This makes reading the scanner’s screen in low-light conditions easy.
  7.  Channel Skip This allows you to skip channels you don’t want to monitor.
  8.  Compact Design Small and portable, making it easy to take on the go.
  9.  Priority Scan Monitors a specific channel or group of channels more frequently than others.
  10.  Search Function You can search for active frequencies in a specified range.

Alert Features: ( Emergency, Interruptions, Weather, Low Battery )

A handheld scanner called the Uniden BC125AT has several alert features to keep you informed and secure.

It contains a feature for weather alerts that scans for and informs you of severe storms like tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods automatically.

Thanks to this function, you will constantly be informed of any dangerous weather conditions in your area.

The BC125AT informs you of emergencies or disasters in your area, such as Amber Alerts, civil emergencies, or natural disasters. This feature is in addition to the weather alert feature. You can keep informed and take any required precautions thanks to this function.

To avoid sudden power failures, the BC125AT also has a low battery alert that Low battery alerts you. To make sure you don’t miss any essential transmissions.

It also offers interruption notifications that let you know when there is interference, or the channel is congested.

Uniden BC125AT offers several practical alert functions to help you stay secure and informed.

Pros And Cons

The Uniden BC125AT is a popular handheld scanner for monitoring police, fire, and other emergency services. 

Some of its pros and cons:


  1. Compact and portable design
  2.  Easy to program and use
  3.  Covers a wide range of frequencies
  4.  Offers multiple scanning modes and search options
  5.  It has a built-in alarm clock and weather alert feature.
  6.  It can be powered with rechargeable batteries or an AC adapter.


  1. Limited battery life when using alkaline batteries
  2.  The display screen can be hard to read in low-light conditions
  3.  Some users have reported issues with reception and range
  4.  No digital trunking capabilities
  5.  It doesn’t come with a USB cable for programming


The Uniden BC125AT is a great way to stay on top of police, fire, EMS, and other frequencies.

At an affordable price point, the BC125AT offers a range of features that keep up with the latest news, making it an excellent choice.

It has 500 channels, ten memory banks, and close-call technology – all of which make it an excellent tool for tracking communication on various frequencies.

Final Thought : ( Uniden BC125AT Review )

The Uniden BC125AT is an excellent scanner with many features for its cost. It’s portable and small, making it ideal for scanning while traveling.

The backlit display is beautiful and straightforward to read, and the menu is logical and simple.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high-end scanner at a reasonable price, I suggest the Uniden BC125AT.

Frequently Ask Questions

What Is The Range Of The Uniden BC125AT?

The altitude, antenna, and weather conditions are only a few factors that impact the Uniden BC125AT’s range. Typically, it can receive signals from up to 50 kilometers away.

Are Uniden Scanners Any Good?

Uniden scanners are known for their superior reliability and quality. To accommodate various needs and price ranges, they provide a variety of features and models.

Is The BC125AT A Digital Scanner?

The Uniden BC125AT is an analog scanner, not a digital one. It cannot decode digital communications like P25 or DMR; it can only receive and receive analog signals.

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